Bald Guys Motorcycle Club ® (BGMC) is a motorcycle club founded by some Bald Guy known only as The Prez. The club was established because he didn't have a whole lot else to do in the winter up north except freeze his ass off ('arse' if you're from the area) and wander all around the internet. Tired of endless searches for free samples of micro brews one day he decided, "What the hell. Since I know that millions of people are bald the opportunity exists to make some bucks, so I'll start up a virtual motorcycle club on the internet for people with real motorcycles". Or at least a fascination with them. Not a fetish though. In his mind (which is exposed to the elements for lack of hair) he figured: hey, bald heads look like skin colored motorcycle helmets. Hence the Bald Guys Motorcycle Club ® was formed. The goal was to bring about other bald bastards, motorcycles, good times, partying and anything related to not being at work. With so many bald bikers out there it was decided that each state should form it's own chapter with each chapter abiding by the rules as outlined in this charter.

This is a family oriented club and we do not affiliate or participate in any outlaw club activities. This is a virtual club with some members who probably actually ride.


1. Promote baldness and motorcycling and the ability to be bald and ride motorcycles at the same time.

2. Chapter parties shall promote mass quantities of micro brews, partying anytime anywhere and causing mass panic among the locals within the guidelines of local governing laws. If the laws are unacceptable moving chapters is advised.

Those of you who don't drink should, but then again it's up to you and you may promote the above with the exception of the micro brews.


1. Each Bald Guys Motorcycle Club ® Chapter will try to find sponsors to pay for the parties.

2. Anyone who's willing may sponsor a chapter. Even a rich chapter guy.  Remember..... if you find one please pass the name on to other chapters.

3. Sponsors have no say in what the chapter does with the money.


1. Chapter affiliates of the Bald Guys Motorcycle Club ® shall be subject to annual acceptance by the main Bald Guys Motorcycle Club ® Chapter.

2. It's up to the individual state or international chapters to do the annual acceptance requirements.


1. Bald Guys Motorcycle Club ® is a registered trademark (that's why you see that little farking ® every time Bald Guys Motorcycle Club ® is written.. see there it is again) and is the governing body for all chapters. Each chapter affiliated with the Bald Guys Motorcycle Club ®is independent of the governing body and provides services to it's members on a not-for-profit basis.

2. Each affiliated chapter must adhere to this charter and to the Bald Guys Motorcycle Club ® policies.

3. Affiliated chapters are named after their state (country if international). Other names under the state or country are up to the state chapter prezident.


1. Affiliated chapters shall have the following primary officers; Prezident, Vice Prezident, Treasurer and a damn good looking Secretary ("damn good looking" being a relative term depending upon local standards and the number of beers consumed). Any one else, such as beer getta or ho, are considered optional and are up to each chapter. It is assumed all primary officers know how to get beer.

2. Duties of the primary officers are as follows:

Prezident: Holds the chapter to the guidelines of the Bald Guys Motorcycle Club ® Charter. Conducts meetings and receives oral sex in the oval office if he gets to Washington DC.

Vice Prezident: Watches the Prezident at all times except in the oval office.

Treasurer: Keeps the membership dues available for parties unless he has a problem with his scoot and needs the money which is considered a loan at 0% interest.

Secretary: Just sits there in that hot little leather top with sweat running down her….. errrrr ahhhhh………… sorry, I got carried away.


1. All new members must send in a membership application to the main Bald Guys Motorcycle Club ® Chapter. The membership application doesn't do dick by itself.  A one time $35.00 membership fee gets you an official membership certificate, membership card, BGMC ® patch,  a BGMC ®T-shirt in your size and a monthly electronic newsletter that comes out once in awhile. The $35.00 is a one time fee and it also helps to keep up the web site and pay for the stuff you get.

2. The main Bald Guys Motorcycle Club ® Chapter can terminate you anytime if it wants. This doesn't matter to us because we have your money and it shouldn't matter to you because you have our stuff.


1. Chapter affiliates are not-for-profit organizations. Dues may be collected by each chapter to pay for the beer and other beverages they drink on a regular basis. Dues are strictly voluntary. No member shall be required to pay dues as a condition for maintaining membership.  But remember.....  donations come in handy as well.

2. Chapters can conduct fund raising events under shady circumstances, if they want more beer and a bigger party. But they cannot promote their shady enterprisise under the auspices of the Bald Guys Motorcycle Club ®.

3. Chapters may manufacture and sell chapter related merchandise using the Bald Guys Motorcycle Club ® name and logo for the purpose of raising funds for the chapter, but only with the written permission of the main chapter Prezident or Vice Prezident.


1. Each chapter can sponsor events and activities but it's each chapter's responsibility. Events should promote the Bald Guys Motorcycle Club ® , motorcycles, baldness, humor, and the micro brew thing, unless you don't drink, in which case you can skip the micro brews part.

2. Bald Guys Motorcycle Club ® members should wear helmets during sex.


1. The only thing you get from the main Bald Guys Motorcycle Club ® is the monthly newsletter that comes out once in awhile. Whatever the affiliated chapters do is up to them.


1. BALD GUYS MOTORCYCLE CLUB ® and the Bulging Eyed Skull Logo ® are trademarks owned by BALD GUYS MOTORCYCLE CLUB INC., registered in the United States. All Logos and designs of the BGMC are TM and protected by international law. BALD GUYS MOTORCYCLE CLUB INC. has copyright to all merchandise. Reprint or other use is prohibited.

2. Use of the ® is ok, but Bald Guys Motorcycle Club ®, BALD GUYS MOTORCYCLE CLUB ®, BGMC ® and BaldGuysMC.COM ® belongs to the main chapter of the Bald Guys Motorcycle Club ® and cannot be used without our expressed written consent. We catch you making a profit off it and you're out. Either that or give us 100% of all profits.



1. All members are expected to buy their own brews unless they are overwhelmed by the desire to buy for exec staff especially the PREZ.
2. The Bald Guys Motorcycle Club or any of it's affiliates shall make no rules concerning making rules unless someone becomes unruly.
3. No Baldies shall become unruly as it is not becoming, unless you be coming in which case you're on your own, or preferably with someone else.
4. There is no rule 4
5. Go directly to rule 6
6. Always skip over rule 5 and go directly to rule 6, unless you went directly from rule 3 to rule 6 skipping both rules 4 and 5, unless of course you ride a JAWA, which is motorcycle not a character in a space movie.
7. Bald Guys Motorcycle Club reserves the right to revoke individual memberships and club charters should the individual members and charters not adhere to the humor, micro brews and riding that the Bald Guys Motorcycle Club was founded on. The offending member, or charter, shall be duly warned of their infraction and given notice to refrain from unwanted activities or face termination by the Spanish Inquisition also known as the Bald Guys Exec committee. A powerful committee given the fact they eat bean burritos on a regular basis. 


1. You got funds spend 'em.  Every chapter is responsible for their own fight with the IRS and all the BS associated with it. Basically... you're on your own.


1. All affiliated chapters of the Bald Guys Motorcycle Club ® are on their own if they get into any trouble and try to blame it on the main Bald Guys Motorcycle Club ®Chapter.  If for some reason you fall into a windfall then by all means call us.


1. Same as Article XIII. All affiliated chapters of the Bald Guys Motorcycle Club ® are on their own and can't try to blame it on the main Bald Guys Motorcycle Club ®Chapter.

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