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Bald Guys Motorcycle Club

You Get the following with a one time $25.00 membership:
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  • Official BGMC T-Shirt (Can be seen on the Merchandise Page)
  • BGMC Lifetime Membership

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    A few words from the Prez

    I'd like to welcome all members to the Bald Guys Motorcycle Club. We here at the BGMC are proud of the fact we have no hair (at least on the top of our heads). Personally,  I have enough hair on my ass to make 9 indian blankets, enough nose hair to wax it into a handle bar mustache and enough ear hair to keep em warm during the long winter months up here. Over the past few years the BGMC has grown enormously with Chapters all over the United States and three foreign countries and we have recently recieved request for starting chapters in Germany, Israel and even a few from the former Soviet Republic. Or at least that's what I'd like to think. My goal is to make the BGMC the most widely known and respected Motorcycle Club in the world. Of course the odds of that are like me getting laid by Pamela Lee Anderson but at least I have a goal. Anyway, I'd like to welcome each and everyone of you but I have better things to do so if you'd really like to join just click on the shirt size then the ORDER button and follow the Pay Pal instructions.....

    Smeg The Prez

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