A heads above the rest motorcycle club for the follically challenged. We work and work and work and ride when we can. Hey we have to pay for the bikes. We currently have 42 chapters  world wide.  We're BALD, we're BOLD & we're BEAUTIFUL... well bald at least. Do you have more hair in your nose and on your back then you do on your head ? Could you weave a blanket from the hair on your butt ? Do you comb your hair with a washcloth ? Think hairweaves are a terrorist plot ? Then your probably one of us. We're a club that's heads above the rest and it shows. Could be you should read further, because if you're like us you have nothing better to do than make web pages on a Saturday night.

If you think you've got what it takes to be one of us (obviously you do cuz if you've read this far then you're as pitiful as we are) then you might want to join us by clicking the "Join Us!!!" button to the left (you may think it's obvious but we still get email asking us HOW TO JOIN!!!!).

PS: This is a family oriented club and we do not affiliate with or participate in any outlaw club activities.

MEMBER TEST: Who is the most famous bald guy in the USA?

ANSWER: LARRY FINE (of the Three Stooges)

If you said CURLY you're wrong... he shaved his head and we don't allow that in the club. Unless you have that tiny fuzz on your scalp you pass off as hair and in that case you should shave it.

("Larry Fine my ASS !!!")



Club rules:
Must own ,have owned, know someone who owns, or at least have been on a motorcycle.
Must have a minimum 3" bald spot somewhere on your head.
No receding hairlines unless it's past your ears.
Must like micro brews or buy them for those who do. (We don't drink and drive, no place for the pretzels!)
Red Dog beer is right out unless it's real hot , you're almost out of gas and the nearest micro brew is 5 miles away. Then Red  Dog becomes the official club drink. If  you don't drink, no problem, you'll be entertained by those of us who do.
We always ride safe and wear a helmet... to prevent sunburn.

Interested ?? Check out the BGMC Club Charter, read a few words from the BGMC Prez on the "JOIN US!!!" page and then just follow the instructions.

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